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Projects - Asset Development

Asset Development is a positive approach that links the development of youth assets with the prevention of problem behavior. It is thought that development of such assets as parent-adolescent communication, decision-making skills and aspirations for the future may act as protection against youth risk behaviors as well as promote responsibility, academic achievement and other positive outcomes.


Knowing which assets are most likely to protect against certain risk behaviors would help determine how programs and resources could be used most effectively. To meet this need, researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center developed the Youth Asset Survey (YAS). The survey instrument underwent reliability and validity testing and was found to be a scientifically sound way to assess and compare the prevalence of youth assets and other outcomes, such as youth risk behaviors.


The assets found to be associated with protection against youth risk behaviors were the following:

YAS data was collected in Wayne County for the first time in 2008 and will provide a baseline for tracking these protective factors over time.


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